Ahoy Berlin

Website, CRM Software


German Coworking Center


September 2021


UX/UI Design
Web Development
Custom ERP Solution


We’ve been approached by one of the largest coworking spaces in Germany on redesigning both their customers’ and managers’ experience. One of the most challenging full-stack projects in our portfolio that required all-in-one solutions to rule them all.


We’ve built a full-stack team lead by a veteran CTO, splitting the workload efforts on simultaneous directions, creating a complex architecture of the CRM, CMS and a web portal. It took our team 4 months to create a customized solution from scratch, lucrative tool bundle that was highly appreciated by both managerial staff and customers.


Our customer needed simple, streamlined communication, thorough scheduling technology, automation – all of these things rolled into one. We’ve managed to create an elegant and scalable solution to cover all the business needs.

Animated loader

Just a simple and light touch of the company vibe, giving a proper welcome to the newcomers and existing customers. We love this kind of neat details that add value to the products we design.

The event spaces - private rooms or flexible spaces

Website concept was based on the exact operation scheme tested and already being in use by the existing sales and account management departments. We’ve managed to optimize greatly users’ experience, creating an elegant blend of both branding voice and our design aesthetics

User Calendar

Calendar reservation hub with all of the functionality required proved itself as a highly effective tool, considerably increasing sales numbers, especially for the complementary goods and services such as catering and equipment rental.

CRM. Simple Event Management

The complex architecture we’ve managed to create is definitely one of the products we are greatly proud of. It comprises all the tools you need to run a modern coworking & events venues company. Reservation functionality, sales&account management, equipment and infrastructure management, billing, financial estimations and forecasting, analytics&reporting – all in one stop.

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