Workfor Recruiting.

Website, HR Management tool


International Recruiting Platform


December 2017


UX/UI Design
Web Development
Custom ERP Solution


Our client was a recruiting company based in 8 European countries. They were struggling on optimizing internal processes and enhance both sales and account management. They were losing considerable sales numbers due to the operational gaps defined by lack of the centralized and highly automated ERP solution.


A large full-stack team of 5 was lead by our head of design. He played the role of the customer’s spokesman, transforming all of the ideas and business needs into a clear concept and plan on how to get there.


Our design team conceptual vision managed to blend both the passionate brand voice and end-user comfort zone vibes, with a polished touch of the custom illustrations. We went for a simple yet effective design and flexible solutions. The mission was to make the platform a place were job opportunities could be easily shared and found.

Easy Search

All of the conceptual beauty was greatly supported by a powerful ERP, custom solution that greatly eases customer’s journey, from a simple search to playful registration in 5 steps.

Playful Registration in 5 steps

We’ve managed to create a comfortable and easy to use multilingual platform for both managers and specialists looking for work. Always boring registration process was played around and enhanced with the colourful illustrations


The corporate side of a platform where managers can find, hire and manage desired employees via European in-country entities, whilst specialists simply by filling out a registration form could get the job of their dream in their own or a foreign country.

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