Website, Online Shop


Transformer Furniture, Creative Studio


March 2018


Sales&Marketing Strategy
UX/UI Design
Web Development


One of the most creative and fun Moldovan furniture manufacturers was struggling with marketing their products on the international level.
The request was pretty straightforward – redesign their online presence and create an effective sales instrument to reflect both their brand identity and product quality.


To help them out and optimize all the efforts we’ve build a team of a sales & marketing consultant to work with the real data, translating it into the basis for the design vision, a senior UX/UI designer, frontend and backend developers to create a B2B landing page and an e-commerce shop.


Having all of the data analysis results ready, we came to an idea of splitting the entire sales funnel traffic by the type of the buyer’s persona, thus optimizing sales process and improving customers experience, getting them right to the promised land they’ve asked for.

Shop. Simple navigation and clear filters

E-commerce shop concept was plain and simple. The website was designed in a way to reflect both the creativity and complexity of the transformer furniture, ease customer’s choice and navigation, transforming their entire experience into an elegant adventure.

Product customization

One of the most challenging issues met on the way was creating an optimized customization system and filtering that will help the customer on choosing the right furniture solution tailored to their needs.

Blog. Case Studies & Design inspiration

We’ve created a perfect template of highly customized, editorial blocks to meet the customer’s creativity needs in creating case studies and inspirational articles.

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