Mobile app, Management software


International Lifestyle, Nutrition&Sport Association


February 2018


UX/UI Design
Custom Illustrations
Mobile Development


The usual – how to change the world with the help of healthy food? One of the largest nutrition&sport networks came up with the idea of creating a playful mobile app based on the nutrition plans created by their specialists, uniting all of the audience under the same conceptual umbrella.


It was a 3 men job, a great team lead by our beautiful illustrator, a true adept of the healthy path herself. She was supported by our head of design and a pure full-stack unicorn who managed to create an easy-to-use and fun mobile app.


Seamlessly effortless hub to the healthy life, in a fun and playful way leading customers to the promised land of health and beauty.

300+ illustrations

Animated Loader

Just a simple and light touch of the concept vibe, giving a proper welcome to the newcomers and existing customers. We love this kind of neat details that add value to the products we design.

Healthy food for every day

The entire mobile app architecture was based on the nutritionist conceptual program created by the best industry expert. We managed to adapt to the algorithms and logic in the background of the beautiful and really tasty recipes, supported by brilliant illustrations.

Nutresse is more than just an application

It’s a lifestyle guide comprising all of the tools necessary for an apprentice to be led by, coloured by joyful custom-made illustrations.

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