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UX/UI Design
Web Development


The project was undertaken to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the biggest fast-food chain in Moldova- Starkebab, a long-time customer for whom we previously developed the website and the mobile app. To keep the business going, a rebranding effort was necessary to give the company a fresh boost and add new features that will increase sales and attract more customers.

Therefore, the main goal was to create a redesign of the website and the mobile application that will be both functional and visually appealing, while adhering to the company’s new brand identity.

We created a fresh visual boost and added a couple of new useful features that will help Starkebab increase their customers satisfaction and digital experience.


The main focus of the project was on redesigning and rebranding, as the development aspect had already been completed by our team in the past. Our team worked on this project with a focus on UX redesign, while also ensuring that a couple of new features such as pickup, order tracking and the updated loyalty program were delivered to improve the ordering experience.


After a decade of being in business, it was time for a rebranding effort to refresh the image of the company. The new logo marked the beginning of this process and a new chapter for Starkebab. The same high-quality products that customers have come to love, now have a new and updated look and feel. This rebranding effort helped bring the company back to life and set the stage for a new phase of success.

A breath of fresh air

We believe that the images should be visually appealing and make the customers crave the products. To achieve this, all products were improved,

this made them more appetizing. We aimed for a clean and simple user interface, with a slight focus on the brand-orange colour for the call-to-action buttons. We also simplified the buying process via our new UX design, making it more intuitive, easy and user-friendly.

Mobile app

When we think of fast food, we assume that everything is quickly prepared and served. Similarly, we believe that the purchasing process should also be fast and efficient. To achieve this, we updated our mobile app. The new version of the app allows customers to order, track or create a custom product, everything they need in one place, saving them time and providing a better and smoother overall experience. Due to its efficiency, now most of the orders are being placed through the mobile app, providing a more efficient and streamlined experience for customers.

Do it your way

A part of the current project was to implement a new feature called “Combo Offers”

which gives customers the ability to personalize the orders according to their specific preferences. Previously, customization options were limited to pre-defined options, however, now customers have the freedom to fully tailor the orders to their individual needs.

Pick-up and Order Tracking

In today’s fast-paced world, customers don’t have the luxury of wasting time standing in lines or making phone calls to place their orders. To address this, we developed a solution that allows customers to place their orders, pay, select the restaurant location and pickup time, all through the app. We have implemented an “Order Tracking” feature that enables customers to monitor the progress of their order in real-time, giving them visibility into the location of their order.

Star Club – Get your money back

Loyalty has never been so rewarding. We developed a cashback system called Star Club, in which customers earn loyalty points for every purchase they make. These points can be used towards future purchases to obtain additional discounts.